OOOPs my bad, yours?

Must’ve been like losing a close friend.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a room in my house with two proper corners.
Having the Ks (or La Scalas) in a room is like having Lana Turner in the room:
The first thing people notice and the last thing they remember.

So either your wife is a body builder, or she had a plan, and help. :rofl:
I have a pair of Heresy-like homemade, with a safe WAF.

Way to keep it car-related!

I’m impressed the Advents’ woofer surrounds are still working. Then ones on my JBL L100 went away years ago.

I have Advents -large and a Marantz receiver. The tweeters are fine, I had the woofers re coned. Great sound.

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I have a pair of Acoustic Research AR 2ax speakers. However, the rheostats that control the midrange and tweeters are defective. I bought the speakers back in 1965. I was at a local music store one day buying valve oil for my horn and the store had a pair of Polk Audio speakers someone had traded in for more expensive speakers. I bought the pair for $65 and thought I would use them until I had time to repair the Acoustic Research speakers. The Polk speakers have reasonable sound reproduction, so I never got around to repairing the Acoustic Research speakers and now wonder if it is even worth the effort.
I thought about buying new equipment, but I just spent $6000 on a horn that I really liked.

Related to the indirectly car related OP.

Yeah the guy was playing music too loud, but ultimately so what? He’s in his space, in whatever mood; maybe it could be seen as rude.
What you did though, was escalate that to a confrontation. Directly and challengingly. As you point out you were prepared & ready for your comment to require a follow-up “decking”.
His bad, but yep, your bad. I’d say your approach maybe was worse considering your intent to follow up.

A great example, for attitude, is to look at the world through a flight attendants eyes and dealing with issues on board, in a tube of anxiety with hundreds of stakeholders - Who cares who is at fault? Ultimately it’s irrelevant to outcome. There are only 3 goals: de-escalate, de-escalate, de-escalate.

Do you use dino oil or synthetic for your horn?

You have to understand it’s a cultural thing and a matter of courtesy when you live in a group. In some cultures you keep a 4 foot distance speaking to people so as not to invade their comfort zone. In others, they stand about a foot away. I’ve got a friend that is not from around here and I have to keep backing up so I don’t get spit on. In some cultures they parade their cars proudly with loud music. It’s just a matter of courtesy to those that may be around them. Same thing with loud mufflers.

@old_mopar_guy I use synthetic made by Hettman. I use a heavier viscosity for the valve bearings and a lighter viscosity which I pour 3 drops down the valve tubes after removing the tuning slides.
Before the synthetic oil became available, I used dino rotor oil on the top bearings and used it directly down the tubes into the valves and for the lower bearings I used sewing machine oil.

Any one remember EPI’s? never had any except after a 10 hour drive :wink:

Totally understand that Bing, perhaps I misworded it. The important thing is that fault doesn’t justify all actions. Two wrongs really do not make a right.

I know the American legal system and such cultural interactions seem to pivot entirely on fault and blame - that “someone else caused this!” But it’s not justification for action when no one is really hurt.

Unfortunately someone or several people could have been hurt here simply because 2 “cultural” or social groups crossed in a somewhat neutral area and someone chose to take offence as offense.

But they do make it even. :grin:

Those are HUGE speakers. About 20 years ago my wife complained about my Altec Model-15 speakers. They were so big. She wanted me to get skinnier speakers. So I replaced them with a custom made taller skinnier speaker with the Great Plains Audio (Altec 604 speaker) similar to these. They were skinnier (by about 2")…but also a lot taller. Wife grudgingly agreed.

KA-601 integrated amp (Kenwood). It’s a replacement for the original Dynaco amp I assembled when I bought the speakers. I still have the Dynaco FM tuner.

I’ve always been a tube guy (except in the tires on my car).

My amp is Tubes. It was a kit from Cary Audio (no longer made) using the WE 300B. You need speakers like the Klipschorns if you have tube amps. Those speakers have about 105db efficiency.