OOOPs my bad, yours?

Many years ago when George Bush Senior was campaigning in Boston…Some of his Secret Service went out to dinner and left their badges and guns in the room. While they were gone someone broke into their rooms and stole their badges and guns. George Senior was NOT happy.

A few years ago a police officer left his gun in a bathroom stall in our Walmart. It was found by a little boy. No one was hurt.

I’ll be more aware of the volume when I’m getting gas and enjoying Ferrante and Teicher from now on.

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Former neighbor of mine, his son had a 98 Civic that had speakers protruding into the back seat from his trunk so much that his 5 year old daughter was scrunched up beside it the whole time she was in the back seat and you could hear him coming 5 blocks away. At 5 she was already starting to have hearing problems.

I need pop or snacks. Yep, gas station.

Those will kill you, anyhow, I suppose. :wink:
You might as well get in somebody’s face.
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

“safe” part of Rainier Ave. LOL!!

Reminds me of that story of two people both having speech impediments without knowing it and almost killing each other. “Are you mocking me?” “Are you mocking me??” “Are you mocking me???” Blam blam blam. I usually don’t talk to people in gas stations, especially obnoxious ones.

I was grading on the curve but it was considered by many to be the safer area than others,Includingthe family that opened a coffee stand across Ranier Ave from us that chose the spot because it was considered a safe area.

When I was stationed in Japan, we had base housing in area 2 of Yokohama. Our house was on a cliff, 64 steps up from the rest of area 2 and overlooked area 1, area 2 and the Navy Hospital. I had a reasonably powered stereo (25 watts) and pretty good speakers I played at a fairly low volume in the house. Behind the house was the mountain with a vertical wall so my house was basically on a portion that jutted out.

As a result, in the summer when I had all the windows open and was playing Ferrante and Teicher on the stereo, it was just as loud at the Naval Hospital a mile and a quarter away as it was in my living room. No one complained though.

Really good music is appreciated by most people, even many those who choose to buy what’s trendy. When I play Ferrante and Teicher these days no one has a clue who they are and are clueless when they recorded. Occasionally someone recognizes on of their movie title renditions and throw a wild guess at the year.

And that was an excellent movie.

And here (hear) I thought that was a type of whiskey. Learn a lot here.

Sounds (pun intended!) like you had the world’s biggest horn loaded speaker.
P. W. Klipsch would be pleased.

My favorite

first runner up and also a great movie (sequil not so good) and car related.

Are those your favorite tunes, or your favorite bad toupees?

I am bad at toupee and wig identification unless it is really bad. I am pretty good at identifying a car with a bra.

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I’ve never liked piano music though. We always had a piano and it would get played about every day. I’d usually leave the house and head for the woods. I like piano more than I like horns though. I like strings better.

My wife made me get rid of my beloved Klipschorns 35 years ago.

I still have my Advents (large) that I bought in the mid-1970s. I replaced the woofers and tweeters, but fortunately Advent was still around then. Still sound great. Oh, and my wife wants to get rid of them, but I won’t cave on this one.

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I came home one day and they were gone. What are you driving those Advents with?