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One windshield freezes, the other doesn't, Solution?

I have 2006 Sentra and 2015 Forester. Most of the times, both are parked next to each other in the parking lot (under the sun). Many times I notice that the Sentra windshield has mist frozen on it but Forester isn’t. Any idea why would that be? Because Sentra windshield has taken a beating for 14 years and Forester is only 5 so the microdamage on the Sentra’s windshield?

Is there any way to layer the windshield to prevent such a thing?

I use RainX windshield fluid in both cars. I layer Sentra’s windshield with RainX twice a year (not Forester’s).

Any educated guess on the reason and the solution?

There are windshield covers you can buy at any auto supply house .

The have elastic straps that hold them in place. I used them a lot when having to park overnight outside in the winter.

Is the frozen mist on the inside or the outside?

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Many moons ago, I noticed that my 1965 Rambler Classic 550 had frost on the windshield when it sat overnight, but my neighbors’ cars which were parked next to my Rambler and had also sat out overnight either did not have frost or the frost on the outside of the windshield was melting.
Now this would have made a great puzzler. One hint: the 550.was the bottom of the line in the Rambler Classic series.
Answer: being the bottom of the line, my Rambler did not have a tinted windshield while my neighbors’ cars did have tinted windshields. The tinted windshield allowed the sun’s rays to melt the frost.

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@Docnick I tried that cover the last year and it helped to an extent but not completely. I still had to spray deicer before leaving.

@wentwest Its the outside

@Triedaq That I don’t know. To the best of my knowledge, Forester’s windshield is not tinted but it has UV blocking ability. No idea about Sentra’s windshield. That said, this is before the sun is even out in the winter and even if it is out, the cars are in the shadow of the buildings.