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Windshield Frosting

I have a 2008 KIA Sportage I bought new end of March. Took posession Apri 1st. About a mo. ago my windshield frosted up on the inside. I called my salesperson and he said “due to moisture & cold air that is common”. The cars in our parking lot do the same thing". Recently again, I needed to go out but my windshield on the inside was all frosted up, and due to needing to leave I had to scrape my windshield of frost on the inside all over the dash. I had a Cabrio that did this and that dealer took the car and resealed the winshield. The frosting stopped. Was my salesman placating me or is this common?

If you have snow on your shoes when you get in, the moisture from the melted snow is enough to frost the inside of the windshield on cold days. Also, if you run the HVAC system in the “recirculate” mode it tends to trap moisture inside the vehicle.

Set the HVAC control to “fresh air,” and open the windows on a nice, sunny afternoon to dry out the interior.