One for the Ages Puzzler Answer

The web site access has changed this week (3-13-17)…how do you get to the puzzler answers to read them now; I’ve not been able to find the path!?


I agree with what’s-his-name. Puzzler answers are lost and need to be found. Thanx.

I agree as well and please give a dope slap to whoever screwed it up.

I also can’t find the answer’s.

If her father and mother had significantly different ages, it’s possible for her father and maternal grandfather to have the same age as well as birthday.

If you learned how to use an apostrophe, the answer might come to you.

bingo, that’s it.

That is the only logical answer I could think of. I wonder if we will ever know.

That’s the answer given by Click and Clack.

Edit: I can listen to the whole episode, but not a selected segment.


I have never listened to the show. Maybe I should.