The Puzzler

Am I the only one who thinks the power failure puzzler is too easy? Or am I just wrong. I’ll post my answer separately for those who don’t want it spoiled.

A lot of the Puzzlers rely on less than up to date technology for the twist. In this case, they simply call their phone. If the answering machine answers, the power is on.

Yup! This one was ridiculously easy.

Also, it would be nice if someone could post the new puzzler here every week, along with the solution to the previous one. Whatever intern runs the website consistently fails to update the puzzler according to the schedule promised on the site.

And then their mechanic used a cellphone camera to look around a corner.

True, the 3/28 puzzler was a softball. And the previous one was another. Still, it’s frustrating to get the answer and never win–but that’s life.

Sometimes the puzzler has more than one answer. The answer the show gave was better than mine because it’s a standard procedure for taking something apart and reassembling it, or burglarizing the DNC offices.

Spoiler Alert (maybe not, given the above):

On today’s puzzler: the watch is right, the kitchen clock has been running since the power went back on, starting from the time it went off, and the digital clock presumably has been keeping time since an internal time of 12:00 when the power went back on. We need to assume that the person went to sleep after noon of the previous day.

The puzzlers and answers are on the site, it’s not hard to fine. You can either read them or listen online!

Keep in mind that the puzzler has two major goals:

  1. It is a tool for measuring ratings. The more people who submit a solution, the more they can charge for advertising on the web site.

  2. It increases traffic to the web site. Without the puzzler, listeners might never have a reason to come to the web site, which generates revenue.

Making the puzzler easy every once in a while is a good way to make the radio ratings look higher.

I did too. In fact, I thought it was so easy, I figured I was wrong, and that ti would turn out to be something else!

At the risk of pasting in something in the post to which you replied,

“Whatever intern runs the website consistently fails to update the puzzler according to the schedule promised on the site.”

(open Apu)Thank you, come again.(close Apu)

Anyone hear the puzzler the weekend of April 10?

Very disappointed in this puzzler. I would rather come close but not quite or struggle mightily and not even come close. This one was just wasting my time. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep listening though.

It’s not that I’m real smart (I’m not); this one was just too easy.

Yeah, I’ve had the right answer before, but haven’t won. This week’s puzzler I thought was pretty easy. However, I do realize that there are millions of listeners, so I know the chances of me getting picked as the winner are slim.

Yes, I did hear this puzzler, and this one was also really easy.

Sometimes they’re very easy. But last week’s answer was bogus.
I checked several local cash registers, and they have five slots for banknotes- which would be 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2’s and 1’s. Some places actually put the 20’s under the tray, so a “grab-and-run” theft isn’t as remunerative for the thief.
So many places are only using 3 of 5 slots for common bank notes. That’s not a good reason for leaving out the $2. note.

We here in the US need to use the $2. notes more. And $1. coins, too.