Oldsmobile 1955-58 vintage fuel pump



Sorting through inherited tools, I’ve discovered a brand new, never used, still in the original box fuel pump. I happen to know my Dad must have taken this out of store inventory of a home and auto supply store he owned 40 years ago.

It’s an AC Delco 4317 model. The box says it is for use in Oldsmobile 1955-58.

Found two pics on ebay identical to what it looks like:



Only difference is that the new one I have does not have the gold-toned bloated bullet shaped appendage hanging off one side. (Pardon the description but I’ve no clue what that appendage properly should be termed.) Mine does have the glass dome on one end.

Any suggestions other than / in addition to ebay for how best to sell this fuel pump? How to determine a fair market price for it? Again, this is in the original box and has never been used, never remanufactured.

I am NOT mechanically knowledgable. I merely found this among inherited items I’m sorting through.

Thank you.


…still reading, still learning


Check out Hemmings Motor News or http://www.hemmings.com

Hemmings is the bible of the old car hobby. You should be able to learn a lot in the “Oldsmobile” section.


One option would be to sell it to that parts store selling on Ebay. While it’s good that it’s unused, the rubber parts in it might still have deteriorated over time, and might not be compatible with modern alcohol-containing fuels.


It’s not a priceless treasure…Just take a picture of it and list it on e-bay.




I have to agree with Caddyman on this. While I’m sure someone is out there looking for “original iron” to rebuild as part of a restoration, rebuilt parts for 50’s-vintage restorations have really been available almost nonstop for a half a century. I wouldn’t get too optimistic about how much you’ll get. as Texases pointed out, it’d need a rebuild to be used anyway.


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the help.

I don’t expect it to fund my retirement, as the saying goes. It’s more an interesting discovery to find amongst Dad’s old things, given the car it would have fit hasn’t been in the family for 37 years past! The odd things one finds cluttering dark corners. :slight_smile: