Antique parts


I have been cleaning up my grandfather’s old yard, and found a fuel pump from a 1950s chrysler… and other parts as well… my question: Is there any use for these items for other than scrap metal? They have been literally buried in dirt for a half-century or so…


Only if you’re any where near car shows and clubs which will require an investment of your time and effort to both clean up the parts and to show them to prospects.

The fuel pump rubber diaphram will be too old to be servicable but might make someone a nice shelf display for their year of car.



thanks… i was going to send it to the scrap pile but i might advertise it on craig’s list or something for someone to use that way…


If you can’t identify it by year, make and model, it’s worthless…If it’s badly corroded it’s worthless…


You could have potential buyers across the country on ebay


If there is an old car club in your area, you might run down a member at a car show and tell him what you have. I gave away three carburetors for Fords made in the 1950s when we cleaned out my wife’s parents’ garage. One member of the club was glad to get them. However, I couldn’t stir up any interest in a Western Auto aftermarket radio that my father-in-law had installed in his 1941 Chevrolet and then took the radio out when he sold the car.