Olds Intrigue all 4 power windows wont work/stay up

I have a '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue and it has power windows. One day the drivers side window wouldnt come up when I pushed the button and I had to pull it up with my hands. My guess was that it had fallen off track and I would have to either get it back on track or maybe it was the motor. Well within a week all three of my other windows had the exact same problem. They still get power to the windows and if I push the button they will go down but now none of them will come back up when I push the up button. They have to be pulled up by hand and I have to put stoppers in place to keep them from falling back into the doors. Are they all off track? Is that even possible that all 4 windows would just randomly fall off track within a week? Any suggestions? Do I need to rip the door panels off of each door and look at them individually?

It sounds like there is a problem with the regulators. Do the widows go part way up then stop? If it’s the regulators, you need to pull the door panel off. It’s not difficult. I have a 1998 Regal; the procedure should be the same. If you need instructions to pull the door panels off, let me know. I would not buy factory parts. The regulator/motor combo will be about $425 each (!) from GM if you install them. Aftermarket parts on line start at about one tenth of that.