Automatic window

My driver side automatic window always goes down , sometime it goes all way back up but most times it inches it way back up slowly after I press button but not evertime I press button it goes up.

It takes at least 8 times or more press button ever minute or two to get window all way back to top.

I did spray 3wd 40 down between glass but it did not help.

So does anyone no what problem can be?,before I Take it to repair shop and they say its the motor and it won,t be a cheap repair. Its a 2002 oldsmobile Intrigue.

Thank You

Start by just pulling the interior door panel - clean all of the electrical for the switch and motor and clean up and relube the window regulator. For the window tracks use some silicone spray rather than wd40. I’d be surprised if that bit of maintenance didn’t set things straight.