Olds eighty-eight shutting off randomly

Three weeks ago my 1997 Oldsmobile eighty-eight (75K miles) shut off while I was driving. I was able to pull over and restart it immediately. This morning it happened again, same exact way. It shut off without warning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for the shutting off! For the past few months my check engine light has gone on and subsequently turned off two-three days later. Most of the time when it turns on, I have been driving on the interstate for an extended period of time:at 70 or 75 mph. I had it looked at once and they said the light was triggered by the transmission- they serviced it but I didn’t notice much difference. Occasionally, I feel the car stutter while slowing down, almost like it might stall-but it never actually has. Finally, ever since I got the car-two years ago from my grandparents, there is a pull occasionally when I am going about 40-45mph and speeding up-almost like it is having trouble shifting.

I don’t know if all these issues are related…not sure who to trust to take it to. Any ideas on what could be going on?

My 98 Olds Intrigue did this and it turned out to be a bad ground connection where the battery ground cable bolted to the fender.

Have seen the wiring connector at the ignition module go bad, have seen oil soaked wiring at the crank sensor cause stalling as well. Not to mention a cracked wire anywhere in the harness.