Olds Aurora headlights


My 02 Aurora 4.0 head lights stay on all day, the daytime running light never come on when in auto. What’s crazy is the interior lights work properly. Any suggestions for the problem?


head lights stay on all day, the daytime running light never come on when in auto.

What is “auto” in the context above?

Are your DLR’s different lamps than the “headlights?”

How do you know which are on during the day?


The car is equiped with an auto on/off sensor that turns the head lights on when needed. The head lights are different from the headlights, when day time lights are on they use the high beam lights that don’t put out the normal high beam lighting. I know they are not working properly because I have gotten out and checked as well as pulled in front of a store and seen them on in direct sun light.


The day time running lights will not work if the headlights are on.
Do the headlights function normally when not in the “AUTO” position?
It sounds like the electric eye on the dash board that senses light is bad. Do you have a dash matt on your dash? Are you one of those people that drive around with tons of papers on your dash?
Anything that will block the light sensor will cause the headlights to turn on because it thinks it is dark.


The headlights function properly in on position. When in auto position the interior lights funtion properly but the headlights don’t cycle to daytime lights- they just stay in normal night time lighting. Also, the dash is clear of any obstructions.


Have you had any work done to the dash of your car since this started happening? IE: Radio replaced, heater core, etc…


no work done


It sounds like the day night sensor, or solar load sensor as GM likes to call it, is faulty and is telling the system it is dark.
I would take your vehicle to a shop that has the ability to scan the Body Control Module (BCM). I don’t know if places like AutoZone have that ability but you might want to check. See if there are any trouble codes stored in the BCM. I would expect something like:
B0184 - Solar Load Sensor #1 Circuit Range (sunload)
B0188 - Sunload Sensor Circuit
B0189 - Solar Load Sensor #2 Circuit Range (sunload)
Post back with any codes and we can go from there.