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Head Lights

This is kind of unusual… All the lights on the car work during the day but at night my head lights stop working. I have check the fuses and some relays and they look OK to me but i can not ping point the problem. Any ideas?


What year is your Prizm?

Does it have Daytime Running Lights?

Year 2000 and yes it does have Daytime Running Lights.

I can guess, but it’s only a guess…

Does the car have automatic headlights? The kind that are supposed to come on at night, and go off during the day? If so, it’s possible the computer is reading the daylight sensor incorrectly, or the sensor itself could be faulty.

Typically, the senors are either on the dash somewhere, or behind the rear-view mirror. If you’re one of thousands who routinely toss stuff up onto the dash, try clearing said stuff off. You’d be surprised how many problems can be solved by a simple cleaning.

Again, like I said…it’s just a W.A.G.

(typed during the previous Q & A…cool)

Yes the are automatic but the head lights are always on the only thing that changes at night is that dashboard lights comes on… There is nothing on my dashboard or review mirror.

Also when i switch the car on the lights are on but after about a min i hear this “click” and the lights go off.

Sounds like the sensor module is telling the computer it’s daytime, and turn them off. You may be able to find a manual with troubleshooting procedures, or you could call and ask a dealer their thoughts. Questions are normally free. :slight_smile:

Sorry, that’s the best I can do for you. Maybe someone else has more ideas.