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Old-school radiator repair shop in the Boston area?

I’m attempting to resurrect an early 70s MGB GT that was last run in the mid-80s. Before I try firing up the engine, I’d like to have all of the crud removed from the old radiator, gas tank, and oil cooler, but am having trouble finding an old-school radiator repair shop that I can bring the pieces to so they can be reconditioned. Any recommendations?


btw, the “Make” selection on the forum doesn’t list MG as an option (or Triumph for that matter) - is this Car Talk’s way of limiting us potentially mentally unstable British car owners from participating? Fiat and Alfa Romeo are listed, so it’s not all automotive masochists that are excluded…

Large trucks still use copper and brass radiators. You could inquire at a truck service center about local radiator shops.

I know one in Bridgeport CT. That’s about 2.5 hrs away from Boston - about 1 hr out of NYC.
If you can’t find any in your immediate area, I could mediate for you.

Now would be a good time to join a local British car club or vintage car club or classic car club. The members should be able to help you.

Support groups for masochistic addictions is a good idea.

Seriously, there must be special forums out the for British cars, no?

A simple Google gives over 100 hits for the Boston area. True probably most will just R&R, but has to be someone in the area with a tank and torch. Its not complicated. Take a look in the phone book yellow pages to narrow it down a little.

I’d look for a good electrical shop more than a radiator shop though in my experience with English cars. Let me know if your horn honks while making a turn and I can tell you how to fix it.

I had a radiator cleaned by a pro and I had to hose out more debris than I thought was there in the first place. It is probably just as good if you hose it out, spray paint it and reinstall. MG’s quit running due to ignition and fuel system problems but almost never from cooling system debris.

I think it is solid insurance to dip and pressure test a radiator that has been sitting that long.
Same with the gas tank.

Yes, MGs can die from overheating issues. It’s not just Lucas Price of Darkness problems.

I had my MGA’s radiator re-cored as it was way too for from new. Of course that required a real radiator shop too. Unfortunatley a lot of them, including the one that did my job, have gone out of business due to strict EPA requirements.

It looks like Moss Motors has one, but they aren’t cheap