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All [bad] odors gassing, and EASY SOLUTIONS

Can a can of radiator fix solve many [irritating] coolant leaks?

Is driving your car full-ish throttle nescisary to clear the carb… before parking, so miser-gas-fumes aint left there?

No and no.

How old is that Ford? If it is a weekend junker, then go ahead and try the radiator fix stuff, but don’t do it on a otherwise good car.

Full throttle, no. If the car needs cleaning, then it needs a real cleaning not an Italian tuneup. Depending how bad it is a little carb cleaner may work or it may need a total out of car cleaning.

Telling us how many miles and what year Ford you have and exactly what your problem is would help. What are “miser-gas-fumes”?

So what year is this thing? You do know that cars haven’t had carburetors since about 1990 or so, correct?