Looking for a Chrome Bumper MG

Looking for a chrome Bumper MG for sale. If anyone knows of a good option feel free to message! Cant wait to get back driving

Your best bet for a straight and “dentless” bumper might be:


They have quite a good reputation over here, but I have never bought anything from them so I don’t have any personal experience.

Can somebody recommend a good education center, where I can learn to read?

Okay, maybe the OP will find a good CAR in need of a bumper.

If you want the entire car, try Ebay. We have no idea where you are or how far you are willing to travel for a car.

Methinks Mr./Ms. Moose is looking for the whole MG…

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Covers a lot of years, 1924s did not have bumpers, and models up to 1977.

I suspect it’s the MGB that they are seeking, Earlier examples are referred to as chrome bumper cars as compared to the later and less attractive bumpers 1974 was the change over

Hemmings has a selection listed online at the moment some overseas but you could be fairly close to a few.

Yep, either a B or a Midget. They both came as rubber/chrome bumpers models. If they are looking for the B V8 it should be simple as my neigbour claims that they are only made as right hookers and the rubber bumper was hated over here.
Just found out that supposedly 11 left hand drive cars was made.
Some other V8’s might have been converted.


I can read too but I can’t tell if them wants a bumper or a car or what continent them is on. I was a whiz in third grade reading and always got the Weekly Readers in the summer. Hemmings is your friend.

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The chrome bumper MGBs are the most desirable because of “the look” and absence of smog control but if you’re lucky you may find a fairly decent one on Craigslist or Ebay but a better bet is to check with your local MG club or Hemmings.

On the other hand, if you’re not too concerned about originality and have the wrenching skills, you may be able to convert a rubber bumper and Moss Motors is the place to start.
They literally have all the parts to build a “New” MGB and the expertise to let you know how to do the conversion so give them a call.

If I had to choose between finding and restoring an old MG-B back to daily driver condition or sailing around the world solo I’d pick the easier, quicker and cheaper alternative and put a GPS and row boat on my Visa card.

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Check the yellow one Craigslist in Ft Myers, FL. It has an MGC Hood/bonnet. Buy the car, sell the hood. stock hood should be easy to find.

To each their own, I would prefer a TF, but if given one, would take a MGA.

I gave mine away to my brother…along with $3000 in new restoration components. Mine was a 67’ BRG, wire wheel, chrome bumper, Aluminum “Bonnet”, 19K mile example that took me over a year to convince the elderly lady to sell it to me. After about 15 months of asking quarterly, she eventually sold it to me for $500. I was excited about the purchase, until I wasn’t. My brother towed it out to CO on my freshly bought home made car tow dolly…it was exceptionally well made and very overbuilt. I owned the dolly for 3 days until I gave away my MGB…yes, my brother took the dolly as well. Dernit, that really wasn’t supposed to occur, but…

Fast forward 1 year after he accepted my gift, he takes the 67’ B as well as his 69’ Buick GS 400 Convertible to all sorts of car shows out there in Colorado. He says that some days more people flock to the British Racing Green MG rather than his beautiful Bannana Cream Yellow Buick, of which only 1500 or so examples were ever made of the Convertible GS. Some days I think that I should have kept the MG but then I convince myself that the British Whitworth Standard system it uses would continue to piss me off to the point of wanting to give it away again. I never could forgive that Whitworth Standard, it just made me so angry that it was neither SAE or Metric, but somewhere in between and it infuriated me.

Sorry for telling this story, I know it didn’t help you in your search, then again, I could ask my brother what he wants to do with the MGB now that it is restored to such a high level. Maybe he would sell it? I will ask him and let you know…

Also… Hemmings and Moss Motors are very good places to look. Another good source is any and or all of the MGB clubs and registries that exist out there and there are many…if you cant find one using these sources, there is something wrong. You will find many examples.

WOW! I cant believe how many people are reaching out. Never expected this many responses so I will get a bit more specific.

Yes, I’m looking for a chrome bumper MGB (so 62’ to 74’ I believe). I’m in the midwest in the US but am certainly willing to drive/fly/ship from a different location.

Thanks again for all the responses!

Shows you what I know. I’d never heard of that one. So ya gotta buy a third set of wrenches and sockets? It’s still interesting to me that my metric sockets come in 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" square holes for the ratchet. Don’t they make metric ratchets? So if you buy a metric socket set in the UK, is the hole for the ratchet metric? Heh heh what a mess. :unamused: I’m almost ready to give up, but then there’s 2x4s and sheetrock . . .

My room mate back in 1967 had an Austin for a few months. It spent most of that time in the shop for engine work and he finally sold it. I guess that and my Morris kind of soured me and I’d think I’d just rather have the bumper hanging in my garage than the whole car. If you’re in the Midwest see Denver Bumper for just the bumper. They don’t have the car.

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I just put MGB in Google and found all kinds of prospects and Hemmings had a lot of them .

Bring a trailer has MGB’s from time to time but at the moment i’m only finding later ones.

For sale in Chicago, sounds like a decent driver at least but you’d still want to see it in person.

Me, I’d buy a buyers guide to get familiar with them (in addition to joining MG forums, that is):


MGs are old enough that you could import one and get it licensed as a classic. It won’t have to meet all US safety specs. Contact your DMV to see what their requirements are for classic or historic registration. There may be companies that import cars like these, restore them, and sell them to folks like you.

Why would you need to import a MG B or A because there are a lot of them in the US as it is . And the OP is in the Midwest so there are a lot of classic car auctions within a days drive.