MG cars

I have a 1951 MG TD that needs some serious engine work (rebuild probably)

Where or who can I go to. I live in the Plymouth MA. area. But will go anywhere (within reason) for quality work.

Good News Garage in Cambridge? I hear there’s a mechanic there named Tommy who is positively salivating at the prospect. Either that, or he’ll never get it working…

You live less than an hour from Tom and Ray themselves, and Tom owns the very car you’re asking about. Why not drop by Click and Clacks garage and get an opinion from them, or at the least call them up. You may get Tom himself to help do some work on the car.

Find an MG/Brit car club near you, quiz the members on where they go.

You might try searching on line for “MG parts” or “MG TD parts”. And try eBay Motors. There are often parts for obscure cars and parts on there. I refer to your TD as obscure because it is over 50 years old. It is a beautiful car, though.

Oh, you might find a rusted hulk with an engie you could use or at least parts you could use. My cousin did exactly that with an Alpha Romeo Spyder. He enjoyed the results so much that he made a life-long career out of it (he’s about 60 now).