Old farts/new cars


Ok, so we’re old farts!

Looking at semi ‘new’ (2000 model) cars…

Several of the ‘new’ cars don’t seem to have the insulation/sound deadening stuff on the inside of the trunk lid.

You know, that felt stuff?

What gives? Should we be concerned?

Just to you know, we just retired our 1987 Park Ave…



If I need sound baffling, or deadening, material, I would go to www.jcwhitney.com. They have all kinds of neato, way out, stuff.


More number crunching, cost cutting moves. A dime here and a dime there adds up after a million cars.


Ok, so it’s just cost cutting & not a sign that something has happened to the trunk.


I don’t think I would worry about it. Take the car for a test drive. Is it too noisy? If not don’t worry unless you plan on riding in the trunk.


Spouse has suggested that on more than one occasion over 31 years…:slight_smile:


You sound like you are ready for a Grand Marquis…Drive in SILENCE and get 25mpg…


I saw something I liked a few months ago. The new Camry doesn’t look like a Camry anymore. The car had some kind of rocker panel kit that made the doorway look great. It had another kit installed to improve the looks and the total cost for both was below $400 if I remember correctly. The car as equipped would cost about $30,000. If you wanted to spend the money, you would at least feel great every time you got in the car. i guess that you wrote in here because you didn’t want a Buick again or a Grand Marquis. The 2000 Buicks are a lot nicer than the 87’s were. A 2005 Grand Marquis should not cost a lot because they sold everywhere new for around $18,000. Every dealer seemed to sell them cheaply like that. Sound deadener stuff is easy to install if you don’t mind drilling some small holes with something to stop the drill from going through the outside of the trunk lid. Plastic fasteners are cheap in the HELP parts section or at an auto body section. Take your time choosing a car; it can be fun to shop before or after closing time. The repair people get there a couple hours before the sales staff, so you can shop the lot alone. Stay old. I would not go back to being young again.


We were thinking about a Catera…until we got the Edmunds report on it.
I’ll take a bright red Chevy Cavelier, 5 speed over any Caddy any day.
Old farts, yes, geezers, no.


I said ‘used’ car! The youngest kid just graduated from college! Our budget is $6k & only because a relative left us some money. Paid off the mortgage & some other loans & $6k is all we have left.We usually pay cash for our cars.
It’s been a while since we had more than $1500 to spend on a car & the luxury of shopping for one!


I didn’t say I didn’t want a Buick. I just down’t want a geezer car!


Would you like a ride in my Allante?