New cars whats the point?

Do we really need another new car on the road? We keep hearing about the new cars with better fuel economy like 21mpg to 24mpg like that even helps. When are we going to stop buying all the bull and wake up? If we don’t buy it they have to change it’s as simple as that. The car companys don’t make choses for us, we make choses for them. If they keep putting out more cars every year what are we going to do with the old ones? There is less and less space to stack them, and they aren’t made to last like old cars, 100,000 miles and they fall apart. So I say why get a new car? Whats the point? Make them sit on the lot till they raught away. There’s only one way to change the minds of these big companys and that to show them we have the power. If we don’t buy they do get money.

Yes, that makes sense. If we don’t buy their cars, they won’t sell them to us!

Good luck getting enough people not to buy…it’ll be a while for these brand new cars to “raught” away on the dealer’s lots.

I don’t know of many new or even somewhat new cars that are only making it to 100,000 miles and then falling apart…

I think I disagree with pretty much every sentence in your post.

Are you suggesting that everyone buy nothing but used cars? Okay, so then what happens when they all break down? Maybe you’ve forgotten that all used cars were new at one point.

If your cars are falling apart at 100,000 miles, they clearly were not getting the maintenance they required. Cars don’t run forever, you know…in fact, nothing does.

And what bull are you talking about? What would you like them to change…you want them to stop making cars that consume less and less fuel? Stop making cars altogether? Maybe you’d like that the car never even existed, and prefer that we all footpedalled our way around like Fred Flintstone?

Sorry, your argument doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I’m not sure what point you’re trying to get across. If you don’t like new cars, then don’t buy one. Don’t tell the rest of us what to do.

Oh, and it’s rot, not raught.

Yeah, richcrisler, what you’ve said is pretty much a bunch of crap.

And what are the ‘choses’ we make for them…

Just a tip: If you want to get people to believe your illogical ramblings, spelling correctly would be a good thing. Of course, if you want people to listen to you, it helps if you have a logical thought once in a while.

Rich I understand some of your qualms. However your theory on old vehicles does not hold a lot of water since many of these “old” vehicles you favor are not around except by owners who pay or fix themselves to keep them going especially in the Northeast where they turn to dust.

I happen to love my modern vehicle for its great comfort/handling balance, AWD traction in winter muck, and reasonable fuel economy given large amount of HP on tap when you need it.

actually you have one point i will debate.

your assertion that; ‘100000 miles and they fall apart’

i would make an educated guess thatyou are around 25 to 30 yrs old. you do NOT recall the era when 100000 miles was a HUGE milestone in a cars age. i recall when my families car got even near that mileage we celebrated as a family, then we got another used car, because we feared the “old one” would die soon. but usually, my families cars did NOT make it past 75K or so.

nowadays i don’t think i have heard of any name brand autos NOT going well past 100k. (except some stellar brands [ yugo, daewoo, fiat, and some indian, chinese brands])

other than an OCCASIONAL lemon (which can be by anyone) the only reason any new autos dont make it that far is because of lack of maintenance by THE OWNER. then the owner cries wolf, that the car is terrible and they have done nothing wrong.

instead of posting these statements, why don’t you tell us what went wrong with YOUR car, that makes you feel this way?

No, they sure don’t make 'em like they used to…THANK GOODNESS!!!

What “good old days” car would you like to see make a comeback? '71 Pinto? Vega? How about the Corvair? Maybe a classic like the '57 Chevy…have you ever driven one of those lately? Wooden brakes, lots of body roll in turns, steers like a school bus.

If those old cars were so good, where are most of 'em?

what… no * key? of all posts, this one should have gotten at least four!


As others have said, if your newer cars are falling apart at ~100k, there is clearly something wrong with the way that they were maintained, and that reflects on the owner(s) of the cars, not on the companies that manufactured the cars.

I may be a bit older than you (or maybe not), but I clearly recall that in the '50s, most cars needed a “ring and valve job” by 50k–at the most–due to excessive oil burning. Starting the engine in the winter was not always easy, and a very long warm-up time was usually necessary.

The brakes on older cars were essentially a joke, in comparision with the brakes on modern cars. The suspensions were designed with only boulevard comfort in mind, and as a result, the handling was terrible. Steering was typically full of lots of “slop” or play in the linkage. The interiors, with the non-adjustable seat backs, were frequently not comfortable. The dashboards had hostile projections all over them, leading to lots of facial and cranial injuries to the unbelted passengers. The bodies tended to rot (or is it “raught”?) within perhaps as little as 3 or 4 years, due to a lack of good design and a lack of effective rust-proofing.

Some of the above problems were rectified by the '70s, some by the '80s, and some problems were not really addressed until the '90s. But of course, if you are dealing with cars from ~1974 through ~1982, the early attempts at pollution control resulted in poor power output and badly running engines in all too many cases.

So–if you wish to drive the cars of yesteryear, and if you can get them to keep running more reliably than a modern car, then of course you should do so. However, the actual facts about modern cars contradict your statements.

I choose to buy new cars, to maintain them well, and to drive them for well over 100k, in comfort and in safety–and I suspect that most other members of this forum feel likewise. I’m sorry, but as a result of faulty logic, incorrect information, and spelling that reflects semi-literacy, your post has no credibility.

I guess my cursive writing isn’t as good (or bad, however you want to look at it) as it used to be. Oh well.

Rich, I think that you should start your own blog on these issues that obviously bother you so much. A blog would be much more appropriate than bombarding this site all at once with lots of broad and sweeping criticisms of everything in general, but nothing in particular.

There are free blog hosting spots all over the web.

But, I will also add that there are very important and relevant points buried in your rants. They are things that people ought to think about and probably learn more about. The problem is that the brief and oversimplified rants really detract from your credibility and the credibility of the underlying issues. So if you’re really burning about this stuff, take your time, write up some more carefully developed stuff and make yourself a blog for it all.

If people don’t answer SPAM e-mails then the rest of us wouldn’t get any of them.

If people wouldn’t buy every single BOGUS fuel saving device then that industry would eventually dry up.

If people wouldn’t buy every single BOGUS Ab-Reducing machine then that industry would dry up.

If people wouldn’t buy every single BOGUS fad diet book or pill then that industry would dry up.

If people would stop buying ANYTHING FROM Kevin Trudeau then he’d finally go away…HOPEFULLY TO JAIL.

ANd if no one responded to Rich’s paranoid, disjointed posts, maybe HE will go away too.

Rip Van Crisler, where have you been. Please put your brain in gear, read reports,and think before you hit the keyboard.

All used cars were once new cars. Virtually all cars, even British and Russian cars will go 100,000 miles before they expire.

During World War II, car production was interrupted from 1942 to 1946, and it really drove up the price of used cars. I seems that is what you want. People will not stop driving as long as they can buy gasoline.

Take a trip to Cuba, a country that can’t afford new cars, and visit the world’s largest car museum. Cubans would give their eye teeth for a new Toyota Corolla, if they were allowed to buy one.

I liked my Vega. Too bad they forgot to add quality to the mix.
My dad’s '61 Corvair was fun. My dad’s 65 Corvair was way ahead of its time. Corvair got a bad rap.

I rode for about 1-1/2 hours on the highway just a few years ago in a fully documented all-original three owner '57 Chevy convertable in excellent condition except for the broken AM radio. Sweet ride, but took forever to get to 70 mph. Once there it was wonderful.

All of those car are sweet parts of our history. But nothing lasts forever.

Look at cuba we stoped exporting to them in the 50’s and with almost no parts they still drive the cars now it is posable to drive a car for a long time if you take care of it and do things like coat the floor, wheel wells, and chassis with Rhino liner or things like this.

In this day and age customizing cars is on a whole new level. We have the ability to make an old car EV or what ever and put air bags, padel shifts, even side impact beans and a racing suspetion. I see no resone to keep putting more and more car out every year like tolet paper.

In this day and age customizing cars is on a whole new level. We have the ability to make an old car EV or what ever and put air bags, padel shifts, even side impact beans and a racing suspetion.

It’s clearly time for a medication adjustment. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, horrendous spelling notwithstanding. Bringing an old car up to modern safety standards would cost more than a new car, and destroy most of the value.

All of these things can very easyly be fixed today with after market custom parts for less then half the cost of a new car. So as I said why buy a new one.