Old faithful

I have a 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera S. Just fixed it running with a tuneup, but now I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel slightly left at all, I get a sort of small roar and it may just be me but the car seems tense. It feels and sounds like a bad power steering pump, but it turns right fine, no noise or anything. I do not think it’s a wheel bearing. Could this car have rack and pinion steering and that is going bad?

A bad rack is not likely to roar.

The thing most likely to roar when you turn the wheel is a wheel bearing. In your case, since the noise appears while turning left, the bad bearing is probably on the right.

Have you actually opened the hood and listened to the power steering pump while someone works the wheel?

The notion that the car is tense is just you. Cars don’t get tense.