Vibration & noise when steering

My 1995 Volvo 960 starts sometimes a noisy vibration when I turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or left. It occurs most when the car goes slowly or even not moves at all and stepping on the brake seems to make it occur more frequently.

And here is the funny thing: This all started when I picked up my car from the mechanic to have the alternator exchanged. I returned to the mechanic and questioned him. He now tells me my rack and pinion looks bad and needs to be exchanged and this has nothing to do with him replacing the alternator.

Do you think he is right on this?

Power steering fluid up to the full mark? Steering pump belt tight? Perhaps the pump is worn.

No doubt he noticed a problem in the steering when he moved the vehicle in and out of the shop and figured that the rack may be the problem.

First off, you shouldn’t hold the steering wheel against the right or left stop. It’s hard on the pump.

The pump is probably the problem. Depending on the reason it was replaced, it’s possible that the bad alternator masked the problem.