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Old car finish

I inherited a 1979 Olds Cutlass Supreme(Burgundy)…this car set under a car port for over 4 years (owner died)…it has 60,000 miles and runs great…however, the paint finish atop the hood, trunk lid, and top are faded and chalky white…we have tried to “buff” the hood with a electric buffer and a 3M cleaning compound, which has help considerably in some areas (such as the nose and tail) but the white chalky look seems to return fairly quickly to both lids…I’ve never “buffed” a car finish before and I’ve been warned of “burning” the finish…How long is too long and/or are we on the right track with the buffer?

Sand wih 240 grit and apply clear coat which works well from the can.

240 grit? Your sandpaper ratings must be different from the ones I am accustomed to. I can’t touch a topcoat with anything less than 1000 grit without tearing it up.

Gently wet sand until you start hitting color (color on your sandpaper or in the water dripping off and then stop sanding.

Keep dust and dirt and insects away while you spray on the clearcoat.

Spraycan clearcoat will probably look pretty rough, but it will look a lot better than sun damaged clearcoat. It will look OK from a distance.