Can I save my paint job?

I have a 1999 Olds Aurora, black, whose exterior paint job is beginning to fail. I’m seeing the relatively early signs that the Clear Coat is disappearing in two spots on the driver’s side. My estimation of what is happening is based on the massive failure on my wife’s 1988 Olds 88, even after it was repainted by the manufacturer a number of years ago.

Is there anything I can do to stop or reverse the deterioration of my paint?

What it needs depends on how it’s failing. If it’s eroding away, a good prep and overspray will fix it. If it’s peeling, then the adhesion between the color coat and the clearcoat is failing and repair would involve stripping and repainting.

Once the clear coat starts to go, the only fix is to refinish that area with base and clear. You cannot just recoat with clear over the exposed base and have any great results. Right now, you need to machine buff the car with rubbing compound, followed by finer polish, followed by glaze and wax. Then see what you have or have it detailed professionally. I suspect it has not been kept waxed and polished.

Oxidation is wonderful ain’t it. I have spent hours buffing many of my cars. Start with 3M 05954, this is a very heavy cutting compound. You want to put some on the hood and use a VARIABLE speed buffer, spread the compound with the buffing pad, spray with a few sprits of water and buff it. Be careful around the edges and don’t lean into the buffer with a lot of force because you will burn thru the paint. Then use 3M Automotive (MMM5973) 3M Perfect-It II that is the second compound and will take up most of the swirls and this may actually be best to start out with and see if it works instead of using the hard stuff unless the paint is super bad. Then move onto 3M Automotive (3M 5928) Finesse-it II and I like to use this by hand because it will take out all the swirls.

I like to use meguiars deep crystal polish and then finish up with a wax. Repeat this a few times a year to keep the paint looking nice

Be expecting to spend days on this project it takes a lot out of you and the fumes are nasty. There is also a good video on youtube. Its called cut and polish.

It is worth the effort though, it turns out great

Repeat the polish and wax a couple times a year not all the buffing lol. I also clay, polish, and wax my cars at least twice a year.