Recycled car talk segments

Hey, I thought, at first, that I was imagining things but now I am convinced that you guys are sandbagging us and recycling segments instead of taking new calls for a full hour every week. Stacy called about considering several 1990 Subarus and you said they were 15-year-old cars. Also vividly remember Maryanne’s call about a neighbor from Kosovo who used his entire battery to jump start her car as well as Peterson’s tire pressure phobia. What gives??

You need to post this in “The Show”…And that’s what it is. A show. I have always thought the whole thing was scripted from beginning to end. The only thing live callers get is a busy signal…

The only thing live callers get is a busy signal…

No. I know someone who did get through.

The “bros” are on vacation, the show was an “encore presentation” aka repeat.

This radio show, just like many TV shows, is usually a “repeat” presentation during holiday periods when they know that the listenership is reduced.

What with all of the running around, traveling, etc, fewer people are listening, so they don’t waste their energy on producing a new show for a smaller audience. And, the brothers like their leisure time as much as anyone else.

All-in-all, even though it was not a new program, you have to admit that it was worth at least what you paid for it, which was nothing.


Didn’t you notice the names of the shows Producers? Dewey, Cheatem, and How.

When the show is not a repeat,the calls are real, live, and unscripted. The guys do NOT know what the caller is going to ask.

Nope, I am pretty sure that, in the last six months, that we get about 50/50 new calls padded by recycled old calls.