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2000 Jeep Cherokee oil gauge only one location?

I live in Denver, Colorado and I own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport with 250000 miles on it and she runs beautifully. My question is quite odd. When I am at a very specific intersection- specifically Parker road and Iliff, in Aurora, co. my oil gauge drops to 0. It’s only at that intersection, only when I’m stopped there. It goes back to normal as soon as I accelerate away from the intersection. could there be something in the area that could be affecting my vehicles oil gauge? Is something affecting my jeeps computer? No other Gages drop to 0, just the oil gauge and it’s fine anywhere else I drive-in any other part of the state and our country. So Werid. Any thoughts would be great.

Have you replaced the oil pressure sending unit? I have noticed the they sometimes fail to operate at a particular pressure, one that is in the common range of operation.

Your observation of the failure at that intersection may be result of the specific oil pressure at that time, it may have to do with the distance you have traveled resulting in a particular pressure at idle because of the oil temperature and thickness.

Replace the oil pressure sending unit before looking for other problems.

Is the oil level OK? What oil pressure presents at other stop signs?

Does the engine rattle a bit when the gauge drops to zero?

Is it a flat intersection? Hilly? Are you stopped on the hill?

have a 1999 jeep Cherokee when I hit a bump in the road everything on the dash stop working being a jeep thought it was a bad body ground. but it was the clock-spring in steering wheel.

There’s a sizeable construction site at one corner of that intersection. Perhaps some of the equipment used by the crew is causing EMI and interfering w/your Jeep’s electronics. If not that, suggest to take a walk around the area, looking for cell phone antennas and the like. You’d do this mostly for curiosity, not much could likely be done to fix the problem other than avoiding the intersection.

Edit: Took another look from ground view, and there’s a huge antenna tower across the street from the construction site. I’m guessing that’s the source of the EMI that’s affecting your oil pressure instrumentation.