Oil Pressure mystery, '99 Cherokee

The Oil Gauge on the Instrument panel of my '99 Jeep Cherokee Classic is pegged fully to the right (TWICE the normal reading) when the vehicle is Stopped at a Light or stop sign. As I accelerate the needle drops down to NEARLY normal, but pegs again as I decelerate to a stop. The engine sounds nornal, operates like normal, no smells, oil level on dipstick is OK. What’s up with this?

You might change the sending unit and hope for the best. It is the weakest and cheapest link in the chain on this symptom.

Yup… You can also buy yourself an engine oil pressure gauge that you can hook to the port where that sending unit goes and do a manual check of the pressure and see what it is in REAL PSi…that way you will know if you have anything to worry about…not a hard procedure, no harder than replacing that sending unit really…buy a new sending unit…and an external Oil pressure gauge/tester and have at it


I agree with the previous posters. It sure sounds like a weak/bad oil pressure sending unit.