Oil pressure

have 93 buick pk ave.Changed oil pressure switch by oil filter.Before I did that oil gauge would drop all the way to the right when accelerating. Now it stays close to the red on the left. Idling it will drop in the red and light will come on. Maybe oil pump time. How much cost wise?

You don’t have to guess if the oil pressure is actually low, or not. The test instrument makers have just announced a breakthrough in afforable test instruments!! Just in time, for you, too. Whew! The direct oil pressure gauges have been stocked at your favorite automotive parts store (maybe, even at Walmart). Can you believe your luck! Holy Toledo! Maybe, NOW, you can test the oil pressure directly, and find out if that dash gauge is accurate, or not. Here’s hoping it’s a “not”, ok?

I am guessing that this Buick probably has a low-oil pressure light as well and if it’s not on, I wouldn’t worry about it. Even when it was new from the factory, that stupid dash gauge wasn’t that accurate-- GM knows there’s no reason you actually need to know your exact oil pressure and so the gauge is mostly there for show.