Oil light flickers on while at a stop

I have a 2003 Dodge Intrepid that has 58,000 miles on it. Lately when I have been driving it, the oil light flickers on when I am at a stop. The rpm drops to 700 or less. If I put it in neutral and give it some gas, the light goes out. I have checked the oil level and it is where it should be. I’m thinking that it might be the oil sensing unit that might be taking a dump. If it is, would this still be covered by my 100,000 drive-train warranty? Or could it be some other problem? Thanks for your input.

When an oil light goes on it means that the oil pressure is low. That is either worn bearings in the engine, a bad oil pump or plugged screen, or the switch that senses the pressure is faulty. I don’t believe bad switches would be included in the warranty, but major engine repair such as bearings would be.

Yes, it might be covered. It might be something else, like a failing oil pump, which would also be covered. In addition, your idle seems very low, something which might be controlled by the emissions systems which are covered by a comprehensive 8 year, 80,000 mile warranty. All in all, this looks like a warranty item, get to the dealer for an assessment. Low oil pressure can lead to a destroyed engine.

If its mechanical it should be covered by the 100k warranty. Get ready to prove all your changes though with receipts and the like especially if you do not use the dealer for maintenance. It is an expensive to fix aka engine replacement or rebuild hence the reason to prove you maintained the engine.

Alternatively it could be the low pressure sensor which is electrical and you pay for that. Either way take it to the dealer or whoever your warranty is valid with.

Good luck.

i doubt it is covered by warranty, but you could go to the dealer and ask. and have them check out the car for the heck of it anyway. while it is at the dealership have them check to make sure the oil pressure is adequate to rule out a bad oil pump. and have them ensure the idle is set properly, 700 does sound low to me, but i dont have an intrepid!

since i am sure you have been doing regular oil changes and all the maintenance required, this is probably just a sludgy oil pressure sender. if you are handy the oil pressure sender is about $15.00.

good luck, post back as you make progress

Thanks for all of the info. I will take it to the dealer and see what they say. But at least now I have an idea of what could be wrong with it and maybe I won’t fall for some lame excuse that they might give me.
I have always had the oil changed at 3000 miles and this problem has just started recently. The light doesn’t go on every time that I stop.
Thanks again, Mrs. Mickey

Have your oil changed and ask for a sample of the oil. Look at it and smell the oil to see if it has gasoline or coolant in it. And replace the sender, it?s cheap. Drive it and see what happens. If it doses it again, then remove the sender and put a gage on it to check the pressure. If the pressure is out of specs, you have engine problems. This all should be done by a qualified tech.

I’m inclined to think you don’t have an oil pressure prob. at all. If the car’s idle is too low- and starts trying to die- then of course the oil pressure is gonna drop. A quick ISC/TPS adjustment (Idle Speed Control/Throttle Position Sensor) may be all you need.

While I’m not sure, your Dodge probably uses the same oil pressure sender as Jeeps. This is a very common problem with them, and oil pressure, according to the gauge, can vary greatly. As others have suggested, change the sender. It’s cheap and easy. If you still have the problem, connect a mechanical gauge and see what it says.