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Oil light comes on idle or stopping at red light

Oil light comes on idle or stopping at red light after 30 minutes warm up the engine. I have changed oil sensor, oil, and oil pumps. Is there any feedback to resolve the problem?

Can I increase the idle RPM?

Take the vehicle to a good mechanic. Have the oil pressure tested with a calibrated oil pressure gauge. If it reads low then it’s time for an engine rebuild or a new engine. Increasing the idle speed may make the oil light go out but the engine is doomed if the oil pressure is low.

Model year? Mileage? Engines need 10 PSI for every 1000 RPM of engine speed to survive. Sometimes high-mileage engines can benefit from using 10/40 or even 20/50 oil in their later years… Oil pressure at idle is not a critical concern as long as no knocking sounds are detected…

With all the work, got to heavier oil weight in a Dodge Intrepid and hope it goes off. The car likely does not have enough value justify major engine work.