Oil Pressure guage - high

After having my oil changed at a local place, the oil pressure guage showed “high.” hoping it would go away, i drove for a week. it didin’t… took it back to the shop and they said it was a little full which would cause it to show high pressure. That was earlier today. The guage however has not changed. Still shows high oil pressure. I need to drive 400 miles tomorrow and am not sure if it is safe? Perhaps just a bad sensor??? I need to know if i can hit the road or not.

My guess is faulty gauge or sensor. More help will arrive shortly

May just be a bad sending unit.

A slightly high oil level with not affect the oil pressure. I would suspect that they put the wrong weight of oil in. If they put a heavier weight of oil in, then the pressure be high and the smallest places in the engine may not be getting enough oil.
I’d go somewhere else, get the oil drained out and make sure that the correct weight oil is put back in.

If this problem only surfaced after the oil change then I second Tardis.

Incorrect weight oil can certainly cause this, but if the gauge is pegged, you could have gotten a defective oil filter. If the oil filter is impeding oil circulation, you could get a high oil pressure reading. I suggest having the oil change repeated, state that you suspect a problem and want to see if a new filter and oil will solve the problem. If you drove for a week without any other symptoms cropping up, I doubt that engine damage was done. You do want to address this problem before traveling, though, due to the possibility of a defective oil filter impeding oil circulation. This could possibly lead to severe engine damage.