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High oil pressure

The oil pressure gauge on my truck has jumped to 80PSI while running. What caused this? Is it a bad pressure switch or is it the gauge? If it is the switch where is it located on a 2006 Chevy truck with a 6.0?

You might want to change the oil filter. The oil filter in your vehicle is a by-pass type oil filter which means it has a by-pass valve in the oil filter. The high oil pressure might be caused from a sticking by-pass valve within the oil filter.


I would replace the pressure sender first…They are usually located near the oil filter…

I’d try replacing the filter first though as Tester has said. It’s certainly the cheaper, easier thing to try. Even if the filter is relatively new, you could have gotten a defective one.

The pressure regulator may be stuck. It is located on the side of the pump located inside the oil pan. I would do the cheaper alternatives noted above before considering checking the regulator, tho.

I’m curious. How could a defective or plugged oil filter by-pass valve cause an increase in oil pressure if the oil pressure relief valve is functioning correctly?

How about getting the pressure measured with a real gauge?

Could be a bad PCV valve.

I had this happen on my Chevy truck. It was the oil filter. I was lucky I was in the truck. I had started it up in the morning and I looked at the gauge. It read 80 psi then it pegged. Just as I turn it off the filter split. I had just had the oil changed the day before. I called them and they had me towed to their shop. The manager was real mad. He had thought they got all of the bad filters out of their stock. No harm was done and he refunded my money and gave me a form stating that if any damage showed up from this they would cover it. That happened at a round 190,000 miles. I now have over 300,000 miles.