High oil pressure


I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with 5.3l engine. It has 67,000 miles on it. I am about 5,000 miles late on my oil change. On my way to work yesterday morning and this morning, the oil pressure was fine for the 1st 15 rural mile, but once I got stopped in traffic the oil pressure gage showed a rise in pressure and as I kept driving the pressure continued…even after I turned the engine off…my husband says bad gage…forget it…I am worried…any ideas?? (by the way…engine sounds fine, no stalling or anything)


I agree that your husband is probably right about it being a gauge problem. This era GMC had a bad problem with the electric stepper motors used to control the gauges. However, being that oil pressure is imperative for continued operation of your vehicle this is what I would suggest. Have a mechanical gauge put on the engine to verify that the oil pressure is within specs. If it is check out:
This guy rebuilds the entire cluster with new stepper motors. I have purchased 10 of these units from him and they all have worked perfectly.


It does sound like a bad gauge. However if you don’t fix the gauge, then how will you know that you have low or no oil pressure before it destroys your engine? Yea it may never happen, but it may. Get it fixed.


Yikes! 5K miles OVER due?


With this driver, it WILL happen…


I took the truck to the shop yesterday, had the oil changed and the oil pressure checked. It appears you guys and my husband are correct, bad gauge, apparently you have to replace the entire console to fix this…quite expensive…for now…I think I will keep up with the oil changes & put a piece of tape over that gauge…as long as I don’t see it won’t bother me!! Thanks!!


oh…by the way…there is another oil sensor that will go off if the oil pressure is to low or high…this sensor is not effected by the gauge…per my mechanic!! I check my oil and water every Monday morning before I speed off…I am 5000 miles late on an oil change because…I’ve been busy…this is not a usual for me!! Thanks again.