Oil Pressure Gauge

have 110,000 miles on my originally owned 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. recently had the oil changed via “jiffy lube” type of operation. they report that I have a “leaky” oil gasket & transmission gasket & that I need new shocks. however, the issue is that ever since leaving this shop my oil pressure gauge reads high (it’s supposed to be between 40-70 but goes up to 80, highest). is there any connection between this & the leaky gaskets?

I hope you have learned your lesson. Never ever ever stop anywhere near a quick oil change place.

I would ignore everything they said and bring your car to a real mechanic (ideally an independent, rather than the dealer) and find out what is going on and how the quick lube place may have damaged it.

Check your bill for the weight oil that was installed. It sounds like a much heavier (thicker) oil was used. If the temperature remains above freezing 20-50 is acceptable. What kind of winter weather are you looking forward to? But as J.E.M suggested it would be best to get into a good independant shop.

That’s my guess too. Iffy lube has pumped your new oil from the wrong bulk tank. IIRC it should be 10w-30 for your JGC all year.

Another scenario is that the oil could be correct, but with COLD ambient temps the oil pressure is higher as it is thicker. You may have looked closly more at the gage because you just had the oil changed. Does the pressure come down when the engine warms up as it should?

thanks for your reply…checked my bill it is 10w30…I live in San Diego so the weather is a constant, no unusual freezing.

thanks for your reply…you are right by a lot of folks but I’ve always taken it to one of the quickies & had very little trouble. I simply do not fall for whatever the guy always comes out & tells me what more is wrong with my car…I just tell them to change the oil & let me outta here!

With Jiffy Lube’s reputation for getting things wrong, what makes you think the invoice is correct? Just because it states 10W30 doesn’t mean the tech put that grade in.

So Jiffy claims 10-30w was installed. What viscosity would have to have been mistakenly installed to present the symptons the OP is seeing?

I agree with all of you…how does the general public really know what these guys are putting into your oil tank, unless you are standing over them while they are doing it. This place was a “Valvoline Instant Oil Change” place, forget the exact name but this is the only ID on the invoice. I also noticed a line item entitled “Oil Service Indicator Light” with their notation “Reset”. Are they referring to the Oil Pressue gauge? And, “Oldschool”, I’m afraid I don’t know what you are referring to in your second sentence about viscosity…I’m not knowleable enough with this depth of car talk…??

I wonder if the oil change shop installed the wrong oil filter or a defective filter. If the filter is plugged, a bypass should open and this would reduce the pressure. However, if the filter partially restricted the oil flow, it might cause the oil pressure to increase.

They could have put gear oil in by mistake. That is what a Jiffy Lube did to my daughters auto transmission. Have a mechanic look at your car, he can tell the difference by feel.

Gear oil… It’s hard to believe even a school kid working part time could let a car get filled with GL, oldtimer. But just in case it would be advisable to get that taken care of immediately. And a good mechanic could likely recognize GL by its smell.

i agree with the other answers i believe you may have gotten a thicker weight oil than you should have jethro