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4.7 dodge oil issue

02 ram 1500 4.7l this truck was parked for a couple years, about 15k miles after a rebuild and now it’s pushing oil out of the oil filter seal. I changed the oil and filter and it’s still the same. I was thinking the pressure release valve was stuck open but the oil pressure gauge barely moves off of the stopper peg (on the low side) anyone have any ideas before I pull it out?

You’ll never know what’s going on until you remove the oil pressure sending unit and temporarily replace it with a mechanical gauge.

I was thinking the old gasket is still on the the engine


Could extremely high oil pressure cause a gauge to not work correctly? My thoughts was it would just peg out to the max. I don’t have a mechanical oil pressure gauge and I’d rather not have it towed to a shop because I can do the work myself (if I can figure out what’s wrong with it) I’ll probably end up ordering mechanical gauge but I’m just trying to theorize with the info I have for now.

It’s not. That’s Why I took the oil filter off and replaced it.

Order a mechanical gauge from

I just ordered one


Is the oil pressure sending unit before or after the oil filter ?

If it’s leaking at the filter, and the pressure sending unit is after the leak, it would show low pressure.

I had a car that took a Fram PH16 like your truck and got a filter that looked good but would not seal. I called Fram and they asked me the filter number and then told me they had made a bad batch. It was quite a while ago but sometimes a bad part can be in stock a long time. Try a different brand filter you are sure are not made by Fram before you do anything drastic.

Why measure oil pressure AFTER a filter?


It’s pushing oil out with force That’s why I can’t figure out why my oil pressure gauge is so low. The sending unit is right above the oil filter so I would guess that it’s after the filter? It doesn’t make much sense to me but I have seen weirder things from mopar lol

It had a fram when it started this and I was like well this is obviously the problem… I put a mopar filter on it and it didn’t change anything. I cut the fram open just to make sure it hadn’t came apart and caused a blockage in the system and it was normal.

Because if the oil filter was clogged and the pressure relief valve didn’t open or if there is a massive oil leak from the filter gasket, you would not be getting oil to the engine.

Did you check and clean the seating surface of the oil filter adapter? Also there will be a gasket between the oil filter adapter and the block that could be leaking. And thirdly, the oil pressure sending unit is often located right next to the oil filter and they can leak a lot of oil too.

I am sorry my answer was no help. The oil is blowing out between the filter and it’s mounting surface right?

I cannot imagine getting two filters in a row with pressure relief valves that did not work. These filters are supposed to ;et oil through even if the filter is clogged.

If you ever find the answer, please come back and post, I am very curious.

It appears something is plugging up the outlet pipe. Perhaps compressed air or suction can help ascertain what’s going on. Pull the sender and filter, make an air adapter and blow it out?