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Oil Pan Gasket 1998 civic 1.6L non vtec

I been having trouble making my car to stop leaking oil from the oil pan gasket. I changed it like literally 10 times. Can anyone tell me the right way.

I use rtv and just tighten the bolts without torque wrench. How much rtv should I be using ? I tighten the bolt just till where they stop. Is it okay if the gasket sticks out a little on the side where the crank pulley is . There is where it leaks most. I already changed all the other gasket rear and crank and can. I don’t think it’s those.

If the oil pan is made of stamped steel, look at the holes for the oil pan bolts.

If the holes in the flange are dimpled, the oil pan won’t seal.

You then take something like a socket and a hammer to flatten the holes in the oil pan flange.


The oil plan hole is good the oil pan is new.

If you can’t get a gasket to seal, then I recommend the Right Stuff in place of the gasket.

This will seal the oil pan.


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I’m sorry, but if you’re changed the gasket 10 times and can’t get it right, it’s time to hire someone to do it.

Like you, I am one of those people who can get in over his head when it comes to these types of repairs. If you didn’t buy a manual (to look up the torque specs) and use a torque wrench after the first three attempts, you aren’t the kind of person who learns from your mistakes, and this kind of repair isn’t for you.

Take the car to a shop and get the job done right.


I can do it my self it’s just I don’t know what I’m doning wrong. Yes I can get a torque wrench but aren’t those expensive.

Shop would also charge a lot too. That’s why I’m asking here to get some help.


Shop online,you can get cheap torque wrenches for as little as $10 that are adequate for occasional use. For this job I would use a 3/8 drive one.


Thank you, you have a link by any chance to a good one?

Sorry, old and computer challenged and I don’t have much luck with posting links. My cheap torque wrenches come from Harbor freight. My better ones are at least 50 year old Craftsman beam type, but since Craftsman tools are now made in China, I have no confidence that they are any better than Harbor Freight ones now. The old American name only angers me when you have something cheaply made in Asia and still get the expensive price like it was made here.

And what have the 10 sets of gaskets cost?


Watch Ron white “maybe it’s me” video.
New oil pan=leak
New gasket=leak
Maybe it’s the mechanic?

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Gasket has warranty. Cost nothing

That’s why I came here to get help for someone that’s knows

where and how are you applying the rtv . . . ?!

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After the third one I would have given you your money back and told you to go some place else .


I applied it on the oil pan first all over where the gasket sits and then I put on the gasket let it dry for a hour then put it on the car then that’s it

Yeah you would of. But it wasn’t you.

You’re usually only supposed to put rtv on certain areas

For example . . .


Also, you made a big mistake by letting the rtv dry for an hour before actually installing the gasket

You’re supposed to apply rtv to the correct areas, and immediately install the gasket, then tighten the bolts

In case I wasn’t clear enough, you are NOT suppoed to put rtv on the entire sealing surface of the oil pan gasket

So those spots are the only spot where I put rtv? How long do I wait to put the oil on ? And is it okay if the I tighten the bolt till the get a bit hard. Basically snug I guess. And is it okay for he gasket to stick out a bit.