Oil light comes sometimes but goes out

Sometimes when I start my 2006 Dodge Grandcaravan, 3.3 liter engine, the oil light comes on and stays on, even if I rev engine up. Engine sounds normal, does not sound like oil pressure is low. If I turn engine off and the immediately back on, light goes out and stays out. I replaced the oil pressure sending unit - didn’t help. I hooked up a gage - engine has 60 psi oil pressure at idle - plenty! Anyone else have a simlar problem or an ideas? I’m guessing an electrical problem in the circuit.

An intermittant short to ground in the line from the sensor is certainly possible, but before assuming that I’d confirm that you have pressure when the light is on. A “T” fitting that allows both the gage and the sensor is the best way to do this.

I only suggest this because it is possible that something ins intermittantly clogging the pickup tube. The risk of assuming the pressure is always good and being wrong is high.

You could also drop the pan, pull the pickup, and see what you can find.


How often are you changing your oil?

What kind of driving do you do?

Short trips?

I have seen a lot of bad sending units on Mopars, the key is " it stays on until the engine is turned off and restarted" That is exactly how the bad sending units act. I would pull the plug off the sending unit, speay the inside of the plug with water from a hose nozzle, shake it off and spray with WD-40 and plug it in
If that doesn’t fix it I would probably rep;ace the sending unit ,again.

Now that I think of it, the last 3 Chryslers we had in our family had sending units that did this.

There is a known oil pressure light malfunction on these Caravans. TSB 08-052-05 Rev. A describes a poor ground condition through the oil filter adaptor that can illuminate the oil pressure warning light and set PCM fault P0522.

The fix is to replace the top left oil filter adaptor bolt with P/N 06101793. You might just match up a bolt from the hardware store, as long as it doesn’t have the poor conducting anti-corrosion coating the original bolt has.