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Oil level F150

I Added .7 liters over the factory recommended 7.7 liter while changing oil on 2016 F150 5.0. Will the extra .7 L create aeration or other issues? Should I drain a little off?

thank you

As long as the dipstick read the correct oil level, its fine.

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Just changing the oil filter would probably get rid of .7L


Before you check the oil again, run the engine so that steady state conditions exist. Then turn the engine off and let the oil drain, and test the level.

If you have a spin on filter, remove, empty and re-install it.


If it is a 1/4 of an inch over the Full mark, don’t worry. More than that, swap the filter as others suggested.

But do this first…

A question for you… how did you get to 8.4 liters of oil?

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Just distracted, taking Nerf gun fire from multiple snipers… Looks like it is about 1/8 inch above the full marks on dipstick.

thank you for the help!


That is definitely NOT something to worry about.


At least you managed to survive the sniper attack.

Trucker bud, for his and kids cars would always put an extra quart in after an oil change, been doing it for the 25 years i’ve known him and never had a problem.