Motor Oil Level

I accidently added a little too much motor oil and now the dip stick shows oil level to be about a quarter inch above the SAFE markings. Is this a concern?

That’s about a 1/4 of a quart.

I wouldn’t worry about it.



Have an old trucker bud, for 20 years added an extra quart of motor oil for his, his wifes and 2 kids cars after every oil change, Not saying it is right, just saying in the last 20 years none of the cars had a problem due to the extra oil.

A common class 8 truck might have a 15-liter diesel engine, which has a huge crankcase. A quart over is hardly worth mentioning

On the other hand, if it’s a small family car with a 4qt crankcase, a quart over is too much in my opinion, might be worth draining out the excess

In my 8 quart oil pan, an extra 1/4 inch is no big deal. Doesn’t help you since I didn’t say what car or engine that is. You didn’t tell us what kind of car or the engine. Might be a problem, might not. Seems you haven’t noticed not all cars nor the engines in them are the same


In searching for a replacement dipstick and tube on a Ford van long ago I found that the only difference in 5,6 and 7 quart capacity engines was the dipstick/tube and often just the dipstick. But that was the genius of Ford designers of the 70s.

It’s not that difficult to drain a little oil out from the drain plug. That’s what I’d do. Why risk oil-related problems when it is so easy to correct?

That sounds like a big mess. If you can siphon some out, that’d be my suggestion.