How full is too full after oil change?

After having the oil changed the level is @1/4 inch over the full. Is that too much?

1/4 inch is fine. When the level starts approaching a full quart over (a quart is the distance between the “fill” line and the “full” line), then you need to think about letting some out.

TSM gives good advice.

I can’t help but be reminded of the guy I worked with that, when told he needed to check his oil and keep it topped off, did just that. Filled it to the top! He got a ride from a friend the next day and complained he had been given bad advice…

I agree too. @same’s is a good guideline. When this happens, it’s just as reasonable to suspect incomplete drainage as it is over filling. Some crank cases and motors need a little longer to fully drain down before you add the indicated capacity. Some mechanics just don’t wait long enough and you may get a slight over fill indicated that way.

Thanks. It’s closer to 1/2 inch over. It’s on a Chev Silverado 1500 pickup. There’s no ‘fill’ or ‘full’, just a 2 inch length with x’s on it (on the dip stick). The book says if it’s over that, it’s too much. I figured a little wouldn’t matter, but how do you determine ‘a little’?

The top of the X’s marks full and the bottom of the X’s marks 1 quart down. Don’t know about 1/4" or 1/2" but compare it to the one quart length of the X’s to determine how much more is in there.

I’ve noticed several motors over the years that tended to use more oil the fuller they were. If kept down near the 1-quart-low line, they might use little to none, but if filled to top line, noticeably more oil consumption occurred. I have nothing like a scientific sampling at all, but the experience has caused me to keep the oil level generally right smack between the marks, and no higher. Probably meaningless in most cases, though.

If you are really worried about it, take it back to the oil change place and have them remove the filter and dump the oil out that is in it, then put it back on. That should drop the oil level to about the right area.

Check your owners manual to see how much oil it takes for an oil change. If it says something like 5qts with filter, 4.5 without, then the oil change place might owe you a new filter. See if the filter looks like it is new or not.