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2018 Ford F-150 - Overfilled

I overfilled my truck by half a quart will it hurt it?

With what ?

Coolant ?
Transmission Fluid ?
Windshield Washer Fluid ?
Gas ?
Diesel ?
Engine oil ?

Probably not but why not just remove the extra oil ( I guess that is what you mean but you did not say ).

Sorry… Engine oil

I’d probably try to drain the excess oil out just because it’s such a new vehicle, but I don’t think 1/2 quart is going to do any harm. Which engine is in the truck?

If it is the 5.0 V8, ignore it. The thing takes 8 quarts, another 1/2 isn’t going to matter. If is a smaller oil capacity on smaller engine, I’d just change the oil filter. That will carry 1/2 quart right there.


If it’s the Ecoboost make sure you give it LOTS of time for the oil to drain into the crankcase before you check the level. For some reason they drain very slowly.

Actually the same wait time is advised for the 5.0.

3.6 litre ecoboost

Have you decides what to do yet ?

I just want to leave it …

Hopefully it’s not going to hurt it…

If it’s something that you are going to worry about, I’d do like @Mustangman suggested, just change the oil filter.


No need to change the filter you just put on, just take it off, drain out the oil and put it back on.


I’ve removed the oil drain plug and let a little oil drain out, then replaced it as the oil is draining. It’s a little messy but not that big of a job. Just takes a few minutes. Do this when the engine is cold.

Either take some out through the drain plug or try to syphon some out if the engine is not hot

I agree with them. Just take your oil filter off and then drain.

Forget about it. Even a full quart over will harm nothing.


When critically overfilled oil will become foamy due to the amount of splashing done by the crankshaft, also oil will be blowing out the dipstick tube. 1/2 quart over full is just a fraction of an inch above the designated level and causes no problem in any engine I have ever inspected. Most quick change shops, including those at dealerships, overfill the crankcase. I’ve looked at a lot of dipsticks over the years and I have seen some truly overfilled engines. An Isuzu 4 cylinder 5 quarts overfilled will smoke and push the dipstick out of its tube but cause no mechanical damage to the engine. A Ford 300 I-6 can be overfilled 3 quarts with no noticeable effect.

I have a friend, former trucker, takes his, his wife’s and 2 kids cars in for oil changes, and always adds an extra quart of oil when he gets home. He has been doing this for at least 20 years, and I do not think he ever had a problem because of it. Anecdotal for sure.