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Oil leak

Recently I had my 2005 Impala checked out for a small oil leak. It has a 3400 engine in it. The mechanic came back and said he thought it was the “Oil driver seal”, gone bad. To repair would cost me $180. I’ve never heard of an ‘Oil Driver’. Where would the “Oil Driver” be located? Does the power steering unit have a ‘driver’ in it?

Was he talking about power steering or motor oil? Could he have meant a driver-side oil seal?

You might have misheard him. Your power steering system consists of a power steering pump and a rack assembly that includes the rack & pinion system and a valve that directs the hydraulic fluid to the proper side of the pistons in the rack, called a “spool valve”. $180 is a typical price for a rebuilt rack assembly (part only, not including labor). If it was a PS rack, the total job will cost you more in the neighborhood of $350.

As him exactly where the leak is.

Thanx for the reply.
The mechanic wrote it down…‘Oil Driver Seal’ leaking. ??
I will ask him for a more definite description and location of the leak/oil driver.