2014 Chevrolet Impala - repair price too high?

I was just told that my drivers and passenger outer tie rod have some play $563.05and I will need an alignment $129.95and the rack and pinion is leaking $1303.69. Can you tell me if this price is high or normal. Thank you

Can’t tell you if the price is fair or not. Don’t know where you are or what type of facility you are using. This is where you get a second or more estimates .


check here:

I guess it depends on the cost/quality of the rack. It is not a fun job but I think I paid somewhere around $500 years ago to replace my Riviera rack. Looks like $2-300 for tie rod labor which is a little high but still not terrible. Alignment is about standard. Might be a little high overall since replacing the rack would also mean probably needing to disconnect the tie rods anyway, but hey, that’s what second opinions are about.

Save yourself some money.
The leak could be a weep. If not losing more than a a couple of ounces of fluid in 6-12 months then remove PS fluid from the reservoir(turkey baster) and add Lucas PS stop leak.

Tire wear or alignment check( free most shops) will indicate if tie rod lose enough to cause problem.

Have you noticed a problem with the steering ar any fluid on the ground under your car? What about abnormal tire wear? Ifnot, why were the repairs recommended?

I did use that PS leak fix on one Riviera and it actually did the job. On my other Riv though the inner tie rods were shot and it was cheaper or almost so to just replace the whole rack and be done with it. So just depends I guess.