Oil leak

Have a 99 subaru forestor, 230,000 miles. Leaks oil. Need to know how much to put in? And while I could just keep filling it up when empty, how to track down where the leak is?

Well you do have 230,000 miles so using oil might be expected. If you have not done so, you might try a change to a high mileage oil. They come with additives that can help seals seal better.

I sure hope you do not mean you drive it until the oil is “empty!” I would suggest not allowing it to go below half way between the full line and the add line.

How much oil is it using? (How many miles between refills?)

You should be checking/topping it every fuel fillup not empty.

Have you tried the simple things like around the oil filter itself if this came on quickly? An extra gasket or poorly seated filter will loose oil fast.

What is your how many quarts added over X miles?