2013 Subaru Forester - Needs new engine

I went 6000 miles btw oil changes for my 2013 Subaru Forester and now dealer tells me that I need a new engine. Even though subaru website says that you can go 6000-7500 miles if you are doing highway driving (which is what i use it for).

Did you check your oil level between oil changes and ad oil as needed ?


Not enough info here . But just guessing it sounds like you did not check the oil level during that 6000 miles and it used enough to ruin your engine. If you look in your manual it might say check the oil level at every fuel refill.


Too many people buy into the miles only recommendation when it comes to oil changes. Time is also involved, along with driving habits, environmental conditions such as dust and humidity, state of tune, and so on. ALL cars fall into the severe service category. Cut and paste below from a Subaru maintenance schedule and that list is not all-inclusive.In the footnotes…
As a long time mechanic I can say that almost every failed engine or transmission I’ve ever seen failed due to lack of maintenance, not checking the oil regularly and keeping it topped off, etc. If you are not in the habit of raising the hood, checking the oil level, and keeping it off topped of as needed then those actions alone can contribute to engine failure.

More frequent maintenance may be needed depending on road conditions, weather and individual driving habits*, to name a few. See your Warranty & Maintenance Booklet for more details.
*Examples of Severe Driving Conditions:

Repeated short distance driving.
Driving on rough and/or muddy roads.
Driving in dusty conditions.
Driving in extremely cold weather.

Driving in areas where road salts or other corrosive materials are used.
Living in coastal areas.
Repeated trailer towing.

Are you having a problem with your engine?
Is it burning a lot of oil?
Is it running?
Is it loosing coolant and overheating?
How many miles on it if any of the above are yes?

if i had avg miles and all maintenance was done per schedule i might be annoyed if motor needs replacing after 6yrs. if you are 5k over warranty than thats one thing. you might have 150k.
if your oil level is/was fine and dealer is using oil interval or record of such interval than thats another thing.

I suspect the OP is never going to post back that she never checked the oil level.


The recommended oil change interval by Subaru for severe service is 3750 miles and I strongly suspect the only time that hood ever came up was every 6k miles when the oil was changed.
That’s the norm anymore in most cases.

I’m proud of my petite daughter because from the time she was 16 she wanted to know about car maintenance. She’s now 35 years old. Every other weekend without fail she raises the hood and checks all fluid levels including belt condition, for the presence of any fluid leaks and so on. Many people could save themselves a lot of grief if they would simply do the same.


What specifically went wrong with your current engine?