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2015 Subaru Legacy - Leaks oil

My car only has 72000 miles.
Its leaking motor oil

And?? Tiny leak, just add oil as needed or replace gasket. Bigger leak, have the offending gasket replaced.


Tell us more. How do you know it is leaking and not consuming the oil? Spot on the driveway? Or is it low on the stick?

The key question is…
From WHERE is it leaking?
If the leak is from the valve covers, simply “snugging-up” the bolts on the valve covers should remedy the problem.

Agree! place a cookie sheet with kitty litter on your garage floor and empty that from time to time…

Every American car I have ever owned leaked some oil.

Just look at any supermarket or Walmart parking lot and every stall has black oil marks .

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How bad is the leak? A quart every week? More? Less?

The word “only” does not belong in the same sentence with 72000 miles when speaking of a Subaru.

My Corolla sprang a small valve-cover leak at about that mileage. Not an uncommon thing, and it was easy to fix.