2012 Subaru Forester oil consumption

My Forester burns oil. it’s a known problem, but what will happen? I’ve got about 95K miles.

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“What will happen?” It will continue to burn oil. In fact, it will get worse. Check the oil regularly and don’t let it get too low, add oil when needed. I’d recommend adding some whenever it gets half a quart low, others are more particular. How much oil is it burning? A quart every 1,000 miles? Every 500? A quart a week? Is it something you can live with? If not, you have two choices: a new engine or a new vehicle.


If you monitor the oil level often enough and keep it topped up, the engine could go for years and years longer - unless something other than low oil level causes the car’s demise.

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I think this has the engine subject to head gasket leaks. Oil use could be caused by that.
Edit - no, this has a newer engine, see below for info regarding its oil use problems.

How much oil is it using?

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Welcome to the community! There is a class-action settlement on that exact vehicle. Get it to a dealer asap and document the issue. They may monitor the issue or repair it under the terms of the agreement. Here is a link to more on this subject by Car Talk.

Excessive oil consumption was a known problem for your era Forester. Subaru has extended the warranty to 100K miles and if your car meets their oil consumption levels they will replace your short block. Unfortunately, as far as I know, that program ended in 2017. But check with your dealer to make sure.

Other than that you have an almost 10 year old car. Check the oil regularly and top off as needed.

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