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Oil leak

I found oil on the garage floor under the right wheel area of my 2006 Avalon. I checked the oil and i measures within the correct range. I seems to have happend on Friday but not on Saturday. What can it be?

Have you had the car’s oil changed very recently?

What color is the “oil” that you observed–
Is it clean (yellowish/amber) or is it brown and dirty?

Are your brakes operating normally, i.e.–normal pedal height, normal pedal travel when it is pressed, and normal braking effort?

When was the last time your oil was changed? It could be oil dripping off the suspension. When the oil filter is changed, oil often pours out of the filter/attachment onto the suspension. Another possibility is that your strut is leaking.

I am due for an oil change and have an appointment on Wednesday. The oil appears brown and my brakes seem to be operating normally.

When you take it in for the oil change, have them check the low pressure return hose for the power steering pump.


If it appears to be brown, then it does sound like it is motor oil, rather than any other fluid. And, if the oil was not changed recently, then you can rule out my theory (and jtsanders’ theory) that you were seeing spilled oil that was dripping from a structural member.

Just be sure that you take this car to a real mechanic, NOT to a quick lube place. The kids working at a quick lube place would be unable to diagnose any automotive problem accurately, and they are likely to cause damage to your car.

I am going to the dealership where I have had all my oil changes done. Thanks for your help.