Oil leak

Hello, I have a 2006 vw jetta with about 145k miles on it. When I had taken it for oil change, I was told that there is an oil leak around the oil filter bracket and was given a quote of about 1100. Here is my confusion about. There are no oil spots under the car where I park it, never seen a drop of oil under the car. So where actually is this leak happening? How serious is it? Does it cost that much to fix it? The car doesn’t burn a lot of oil either, the oil level doesn’t go down drastically and don’t have to add oil till oil changes. Someone please help me out with this issue. Thank you

Sounds like a scam to me. Some places will see a tint seepage and tell you that in order to get a big repair job. Given what you report, I would do nothing except never go back to that place.

Who changed the oil for you? One option is to take it back to the shop that told you of the issue, ask them to put it on a lift, and then have them show the leak to you. Since you can’t see visual evidence of the leak on the ground, you might take it somewhere else for your next oil change and see if they mention the same leak.

Do you check oil level between oil changes? If so, and you should, have you noticed any oil loss in the system over time?

Was this a Jiffy lube? or other chain?

Thank God you had enough sense to not get sucked into this. Let someone else make their boat payment for them.

If you’re monitoring your oil level and not needing to add any between changes, and you have no oil spots, you don’t have an oil leak around your filter bracket. Don’t go back there. Find a reputable independently owned and operated shop with a good reputation for your future work.

I wonder if this a new scam. I had the independent shop where I had been a customer for over 20 years tell me the same thing about the oil filter bracket. The repair was about $500, but like you, I hadn’t seen any oil spots on the garage floor. I trusted the shop and let them go ahead, but I think it wasn’t a needed repair. After I was told I needed struts on another vehicle we own and a,second and third opinion said the struts were fine and after being told I needed a,system flush which I declined, the shop lost a customer. I think the management changed and the new policy seems to be to find problems that may or may not exist. I have no problem paying a higher price for good quality work, but I will not pay for unnecessary work.

There is a big difference between “Leakage” and “Seepage”…A little seepage is quite normal on almost any multi-part machine full of hot oil running at high speed…No spots on the garage floor? Drive on !

I’ll bet you lunch there is seepage, not drops hitting the ground

That said, it is not fair to say the engine is 100% tight

But it’s also not fair to say something needs to fixed right away

This is a classic example of exagerating the severity of the situation