Oil leak, all over subframe, possible causes

So I was discussing this amongst friends. It’s not leaking a lot, just a few more drips more than ignorable. Anyway some conclusions we drew are either a leaky oil pan gasket or, worst case, a leaky rear main seal. The oil is for the most part new looking. Any ideas? According to my oil change guy the bottom of my engine is dirty.

A power steering pump/hose can also leak oil on the subframe.


I had this problem in September, this has been fixed. Now we just see oil under my car.

Did you just get your oil changed? It could be oil that was dumped from the filter onto the subframe. It’s difficult to tell from your description whether the oil is underneath the oil filter.

I did just get it change, but the oil leak is something that was happening before the oil change. Basically, most of the oil is leaking from directly under the engine (that is where I placed an old brownie pan).