Oil leak after starter installed

Would this be related at all on a 1998 Maxima? Had no leak before, but could be a coincidence.

Where is the oil leak located on the engine?

It is under the front passenger side of the car, small puddles. I checked the oil level in the car and it is still okay. I had the starter changed 12/26.

I’m not sure how involved a starter replacement is on this car, and what might have to be removed to access the starter. There may be a connection and there may not. Perhaps someone with more specific knowledge of the replacement procedure will answer your post. I believe the starter is located on the driver’s end of the engine, if that makes any difference.

The starter is on top of the left (driver’s) side of the engine, under the air intake. It’s really unlikely that this job is related to an oil leak, because no oil lines are anywhere near this job.